Values of the program

Aims of the Music Program

  •  to provide students with the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument, regardless of their musical experience
  • to help students develop an appreciation and understanding of a wide range of musical styles
  • to provide students with the opportunity to perform both in and outside of school
  • to develop teamwork and leadership skills
  • to encourage a sense of responsibility and commitment.


Being part of a musical ensemble is a wonderful opportunity for all children. No prior musical experience is needed to join the Percussion Program or the Recorder Ensemble and with minimal experience students can join the REPS Band, the String Ensemble or the Guitar Ensemble. During their time in the program your child will learn to play an instrument, read music, and work together with their peers to produce wonderful music together.

Developing musical abilities has wide-ranging benefits in neurodevelopment as well as positive effects on many aspects of a child’s education. Being part of an ensemble helps a child to develop the cooperative and social skills required to be a valued member of any team.

 ‘The evidence of neuroscience overwhelmingly demonstrates that children studying music have a considerable educational advantage over those who don’t. Because of the essentially aural nature of music, together with the requirements of intense listening and concentration, the child’s brain responds powerfully to music education, enhancing all other learning’ Richard Gill OAM

Musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed. Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability just as all children develop the ability to speak their mother tongue. The potential of every child is unlimited.” Dr Suzuki

Getting the Best out of the Program

Of course there is a level of commitment involved in being part of the music program. We encourage you to read the following points before applying for a place in the music program.

  • Practice at home 20 – 30 mins 5 times a week, Students who keep up regular practice at home experience the most success.
  • Instrumental beginner students will greatly benefit from a lot of parental supervision in lessons and practice at home to establish good practice techniques.
  • Attend weekly
  • Arrive 10 mins before the rehearsal start to set up and be ready to start on time.
  • Letting the conductor/band manager/contact parent know if you are going to miss a performance or rehearsal
  • Keep up to date with the music program by reading emails from the committee and the Newsletter.
  • Must have weekly private lesson(s) on your chosen instrument(s) (not including recorders – for which no private lessons are required

Added Benefits 

Students in the music program will have the opportunity to audition for a wide range of external music ensembles and activities during their time at REPS including:

  • M.E.B exams
  • State Recorder Camp
  • NSW Recorder Consort
  • Sydney South East Orchestra
  • State Music Camp
  • Arts Unit Instrumental Ensembles
  • Suzuki graduations (guitar, violin, and recorder. Requires membership to the Suzuki association)