String Instruments – Violin, Cello and Guitar.

Violins and cellos will need to be either purchased by the student or hired as there are no violins or cellos available for hire.

Recommendations on reputable hirers / sellers can be provided. There is a small number of guitars available for hire.



The Infants String program is a beginner music program starting term 3 2017, aimed to introduce stringed instruments such as violin, viola and cello and the key elements of music theory. This program will be an extension of Ryde East’s already existing string program, and will also assist in the foundations of music in general.

The goals are as follow:

  • Basic Instrumental Techniques: This program will introduce students to basic techniques required to perform on the violin, viola and cello such as bow technique, instrumental positions and posture for ultimate performance.
  • Rhythmic and aural skills: The program aims to teach students to master basic rhythmic and aural skills using their instruments. This will build their knowledge of music which will benefit students for further musical development as they progress through the ensembles. By the end of the program, students will be able to recognise and perform a number of rhythms and also have the ability to play music by memory.
  • Music Theory: Students will be introduced to the foundations of music theory such as note values, names of notes and the different clefs associated with their chosen instrument. This will allow them to read and even create music of their own. The skills gained will allow students to progress though the school ensembles with the ability to recognise notes and further their development in sight reading.
  • Performance skills: Students will gain experience in performance helping to develop confidence as not only a musician but as an individual. Performance as a group allows for a supportive and casual environment for the students to develop their skills on their instruments at a pace that is suited to their age. Learning to perform in any situation also transcends the stage to the classroom and will cultivate a generation of proud, confident students who will develop appropriate coping skills for any pressured situation.
  • Ensemble Skills: Students will develop skills playing within ensembles. This is achieved by developing their aural skills and encouraging them to listen to kids around them to perform as a group and not as an individual. This will also allow students to progress to more complex ensembles such as the band and senior string ensembles.
  • Learning Strings at an early age is a great introduction to music and beneficial for students wishing to continue with strings or branch out to learning another instrument and joining the band program in Year 3.



  • String lessons will start in week 1 of Term 3, 2017.
  • Student Stringed instruments to be provided by the individual parents.

– Sizes: Violin: 1⁄8- 1⁄4 size, Cello 1⁄8 – 1⁄4 , and Violas 1⁄4 size.
– Committee can provide details of reputable sellers / hiring agencies. Make sure that you take your child with you so that a correct sizing can be done at the time of purchase / hire. o Choose the instrument that your child prefers as this will bring greater enjoyment and an increased willingness to learn.

  • Group lesson will be on Tuesdays at 8.15am (for 45 mins) in the Technology Hub. Students to arrive at 8:05am so the lesson can begin on time.
  • Students will perform at least twice each year, at our Music Day (held in April/May), and the Musical Variety Night. Performances in a positive supportive environment are an essential part of the program.
  • The cost per lesson is $10.00 per child. This will be invoiced per term by the Music Program.  Invoices are due within two weeks from the date of issue.
  • There is a $30.00 Music program yearly fee.