Musical soiree is held in the evening, usually in Term 4.

It provides an opportunity for all the ensembles to showcase everything they have learnt and to experience the joy of performing as part of a team.

We try to encourage as many performance opportunities as possible, and by having the soiree, we ensure that every child that is part of the program has that opportunity.

There’s also opportunities for soloists, duos and trios, who have been working on pieces, to show us their talents in a supportive environment.

Our emphasis is on effort and courage, because it takes alot of initiative for a student to step out and show what they can do.

Learning an instrument is difficult; getting up and performing in public is the next step up which can be daunting. The benefit and preparation given by the music program combined with an audience that is receptive and non-judgemental results in children that gain in confidence. The children also register with this positive experience that the effort is worth it.

Overall, the journey towards performing builds resilience. Plus the experience draws the student musicians in, becoming engaged yet respectful audience members.