String Ensemble

String Ensemble rehearsals happen on Wednesdays at 7:50am in room 2. Students will be invited to join when the tutor deems them to be sufficiently proficient to join. Returning students automatically join the string ensemble and it is a requirement that if students have lessons through school then they must join the ensemble.

The emphasis of this ensemble is to learn good instrumental technique, how to read music and ensemble skills.

This year some of the older students will be selected to perform at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Festival of Instrumental Music.

Students in the String Ensemble must attend their weekly ensemble rehearsal, attend a weekly private lesson, and of course practice lots at home. String Instruments require a hands on approach from parents to oversee that students are practising what the teacher asks each week, much like home reader, parents play an active role in their child’s practice at home.

Opportunities to perform include Music Day, Musical Variety Night, Fathers’ Day Breakfast, Light Up East Ryde and Festival of Instrumental Music.