Cost & Commitment



Costs range across lessons, instrument hire and one-off costs for special events.

All students in the music program must have weekly private lessons, which can be group or individual-based. These lessons are not included in the ensemble fees, and are paid directly to your tutor.

Group lessons are charged at the following rates and are only available for percussion and guitar:

  • 3 students $16.00 30 minute lesson
  • 4 students $14.00 30 minute lesson
  • 5 students $13.00 30 minute lesson

Individual lessons: $40.00 per 30 minute lesson, all instruments

Instrument Hire:

  • $200.00 woodwind & brass + $100.00 refundable bond = Total $300.00
  • $150.00 bass/electric guitar + $100.00 refundable bond = Total $250.00
  • $70.00 acoustic guitar + $100.00 refundable bond = Total $170.00
  • $40.00 percussion kits + $40.00 refundable bond = Total $80.00

The dreaded fine print: When instruments are damaged, parents are liable for the cost of the repair or the cost of a new instrument depending on the level of damage.

One-off costs depending on instrument choices:

  • Music program fee: $30.00 [Common cost to all student musicians]
  • Music Day: $60.00
  • Recorder + book: $37.00 Soprano
    $52.00 Alto
  • Drum sticks + bag: $15.00
  • Percussion usage: $10.00
  • Performance Band: $7.00 / rehearsal [Typically 10 sessions per term]
  • REPS Band: $7.00 / rehearsal [Typically 10 sessions per term]
  • Guitar/recorder/string ensembles and Rock Band: $10.00 / rehearsal [Typically 10 sessions per term]
  • FOIM (Festival of Instrumental Music) Participation: $40.00 – run by Arts Unit, subgroup in the Department of Education


Students who join an ensemble or a band are expected to make a commitment for the year, attend weekly rehearsals and other events organised by the music committee or the school. Students sign contracts so they are personally invested from the start.

For students learning band instruments, violin and cello students, at school, it is compulsory to join a band or ensemble as soon as their tutor deems them ready to join.

Families are also required to volunteer 2 hours of their time to help in the running of music events. This is an opportunity to meet with other parents, share tips, and demonstrate to your kids that you are committed to their music education.

Parent’s duties

  • Please pay Ensemble Fees within two weeks of the invoice date. The Music Committee will email invoices to be paid each term. Failure to pay on time will result in your child being removed from the music program.
  • Please pay tutor fees within two weeks of the invoice date. The tutors will invoice parents directly. Failure to pay tutors on time will result in your child being removed from the music program.
  • Please make sure your child is practicing regularly at home. Sometimes children will find this hard, and we encourage extrinsic rewards for students who may find it hard to maintain regular
  • Please make sure your child is punctual. Please arrive 10 mins before rehearsal begins to ensure your child has enough time to set up their instrument, organise music and stand. Late arrivals have an unsettling effect on the
  • Most of the key learning occurs in the first 10mins of the rehearsal, where new concepts are introduced for the lessons. Students who are continually late will miss key
  • Communicate with the ensemble conductor, your instrument contact parent or the band manager if you are going to be away for a rehearsal, and
  • Read emails sent by the music committee, as this is the main form of communication with
  • A minimum of 2 hours volunteer time per year to help us run events. Gold card assemblies, music day, musical variety night, room supervision and music stall at the Ryde East Music Festival.
  • Finally if you have any questions about the program, please email Ryde East Music Program