Percussion News – Term 4 Week 4

Hey REPS Percussion Families!

WOW – the year is nearly over already. And what a great year.

All our groups have achieved more music reading than any previous year, so whether you’re sticking with percussion or moving to a new instrument (or both!) I know that will set you up well for future learning.

Musical Variety Night
Coming up in a matter of weeks!
This night is not compulsory unless you are in a school band, but is always a lot of fun.
For those attending:

Year 2s will be doing a group performance of We Will Rock You
Year 3 – 6s will be doing a group performance of Summon the Spirits (advanced version)

Please make sure these pieces are practiced up and ready to go! Even the students not attending MVN are still working on the pieces, so I expect all students to be getting them prepared.

Everyone has received their invoice now, and many have already settled it thank you. Due dates are coming up so please do so if you haven’t already.

Year 2s will be absent for 2 weeks due to swimming but we will have one final week of percussion to wrap up the year in week 9.

Everyone else, lessons proceed as per usual, finishing a little ahead of school term in week 9.

Christmas Present time!
If you’re interested in buying a percussion instrument, there are options at nearly every price point.

  • Full size electric drum kits (practice with headphones!) start from around $400, and acoustic drum kits around the same.
  • Xylophones and xylophone/snare drum packs (perfect for anyone who wants to join the school bands) are around $200 depending on the options you get.
  • Small Cajons like the Tiger Boxes we occasionally use at school come in around $160.
  • And there are a million smaller instruments, books and sticks available for less than $100.

Please contact me if you find things on Gumtree or Ebay and need my opinion, a lot of great deals are out there if someone needs a quick sale or hasn’t done their research before selling.

Like piano and most other instruments, exams are available for percussion and for drum kit, and best wishes to our two students sitting exams this term.

Exams will be offered next year to any solo or duo spots if they want to undertake them.

I have sent you videos of Junkyard Beats before, but i thought it was a worth a rewatch as they just performed after the REPS Performance Band last weekend: check out some amazing percussion performances made from household objects!

And here’s one of me performing on drums and electronics with songwriter Caitlin Park.

Please let me know if there are any comments you have about percussion this year as I am committed to trying to improve the program every year.

Joe (Mr G!)


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